Events and Workshops

Most of my classes are taught in conjunction with various earth skills gatherings in the west. I choose these gatherings as a venue because they promote a sense of tribe as well as demonstrate many other ways to connect with the earth, things that I feel are important and greatly lacking in our modern society. 

I occasionally teach local classes and I am also open to travelling and teaching private groups if there are enough people interested. If this is something you want to do please contact me through email. 

Listed below, in order by date, are my next teaching events and/or gatherings I'll be teaching at...


Ancient pottery workshop

Santa Fe, New Mexico - June 14, 15, 16, 2019

This will be a weekend workshop, discussing and practicing clay processing techniques, hand-building, various materials for paint, and different firing styles. We will have a variety of wild clay to work with as well as local micaceous clay that we will dig together as a class. Space is limited. For more information and to sign up contact Joshua Sage:
Phone: 505-570-9484
or visit:

fire to fire instructor photo.jpg

Fire to Fire

June 18-22 - Tabiona, Utah
Join us for this intimate gathering of earth skills lovers. This gathering is family friendly and holds classes for a variety of interests throughout the day. I’ll be teaching one primitive pottery class that is continuous through the event with our pit firing on the last day. See you there! For more information and to register check out


Plum Pottery Studio

San Diego, California - August 9, 10, 11, 2019
This workshop will be hosted by Plum Pottery Studios and so we will have the luxury of indoor pottery making with a/c, tables and chairs - very unusual for me! This class will cover wild harvesting and processing clay, materials for paint and techniques for firing. Space is limited. Contact Annie at Plum Pottery Studios for more details and to register:
Phone: 619-584-7151


Rabbitstick Earth skills gathering

September 15-21, 2019
I’ve taught Anasazi style pottery at Rabbitstick every year for the last 9 years. For more information about this gathering check out or


Ceremonial Pottery With Mateo Magee

Exploring the Wisdom of Shaping Clay

September 26-29 2019  - Boulder, Utah. For more information about this workshop and to register visit:

This four day ceremonial pottery intensive is designed to reawaken the ancient forms of elemental shamanistic wisdom that were once inextricably wedded to the art of shaping and firing clay. As a participant you will not only be led through to process of harvesting, shaping, painting, and firing your pot(s), you will do so in a manner that utilizes this ancient art form as a means to purposefully address your own personal healing growth and transformation. Moreover, the physical act of shaping and creating pottery can become a living source of guidance, insight, and wisdom to help inform the direction of your personal path.


Pots in the Wild

Dates: Fall 2019

As a small group we will go out into the desert with minimal gear to gather and process everything we need to make pots. We will be out for 7 days in the southern Utah desert. This experience will be challenging physically, providing opportunities for problem solving and a tribal-teamwork mentality. Overall this will be a great learning experience! This course is for those that can hike in the backcountry, love learning, and can handle hot, dry weather (90+ degrees). Each student must bring their own camping gear and food. Cost is $600. Contact me asap for more details.